Gimmey – 3D Challenging Android Game

There we are, here is my first android game published on the store, I must say it’s been quite a challenge to make everything working fine. The idea came in my mind totally randomly. At the time I was developing another idea, a really long and detailed one, suddenly, while snowboarding in my vacations, I sat on the snow and the idea of this game mechanich came to my mind, it was simple but original, I decided that it could have been my first game on the stores and.. .. there it is!!

Gimmey Banner


Challenging and casual Android game.. Beat the best score.


The goal of the game is linking three or more spheres of the same color/kind to make them disperd in the space and increase your score. The higher your score get, the more difficult the game become. To make things a bit more exciting two (for now) special spheres enter in the game: the electric sphere and the vortex sphere. The first let you remove one sphere, whatever its color is, the second one when it hits changes the color of the sphere collided and gets one for itself.

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Here are some screenshots taken from the game!

The game is free, there are ads when you want to change theme. Yes! You can change the whole game theme: UI, Materials and Objects will change and those spheres floating in the space will transform into billiard balls or even asteroids!! Choose your favourite theme and beat the best score with it.

I’m working to make the environment more interactive (Sounds and background) for the next update, because they seem a lot static, but please let me know whatever you would like to see in this game.


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