Gimmey 1.4 – Update News

And here is the new update, a lot of changes here! I’ve had the sensation that the game could become repetitive too soon, this is why I added some great changes in the game environment. We’ll see a new currency, a shop, skills, sound effects and other minor changes.  The spirit of the game still remain the same and still remain totally free. Well then, let’s begin…




To make you give your best in your game sessions I wanted to add a sort of compensation for your scores. What’s better than money!?! I present you the currency of Gimmey, Coins. You’ll earn coins for the same amount of your scores and, of course, they will be cumulative. We’ll se later what you’ll be able to buy.



Skills! 4 new ways to personalize your gameplay, each of them has a unique power and they will become useful in difficult situations! Use them wisely, each of them could be more useful in some situations more than in others, but let’s see in particular their powers!

  1. Electric Strike : we already know what an electric sphere can do, with this, we’ll know what FOUR of them can do.
  2. Color Bomb : when your screen becomes too colorful, that’s the moment to throw your color bomb! it will choose a random color and disperds all the spheres matching it.
  3. Slower : You getting higher and higher with your score, but the rotation speed is giving you headache? well, slow down the speed for a bit, but don’t let your guard down, it will not last forever.
  4. Spacequake : Wait, how could a spacequake be? In gimmey it can! And it will affect every single sphere in the scene, but be careful, this powerful quake has only 50% to disperd every single sphere. Which ones will stand?

They will literally give a shake to your game! Combine your skills eachother and with YOUR skills to reach the best score!




Of course, you’ll have to earn your skills. So this is the result of the implementation of Coins and Skills and also this is why you have to be wise with “skilling”. In the second page of the shop you’ll be able to unlock new themes, even thought it’s not the only way to get them…


The game music was pretty strong in the whole environment, so much that I couldn’t even hear the scoring sounds (yes it was already in game), this is why I lowered the volume of the soundtrack. This is not the only news, the skills, the specials spheres and also the spheres hitting eachothers will have new sound effects!


Questo slideshow richiede JavaScript.

Here are some screenshots from the update!

So this is all! I hope you enjoy this update and, as always, let me know what do you think!


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