Gimmey – Giftiz news

Hi all! A new update of Gimmey is out. Some minor bug fixes and a new system integrated, this system is “Giftiz”. Some days ago I got in contact with a really friendly person from Purple Brain, we exchanged some mails and ideas. We came out with this implementation to give some more interest to the game and to their system as well. So lets see how it works…


Basically it’s a reward system. If you reach some missions playing “Gimmey” (and others featured games), you’ll earn experience in their system, the more you’ll have, the better will be the rewards! The way to win is simple, by accessing “Gifitz” android app and registering, you’ll receive some coins, using one you’ll be able to spin a wheel with different rewards. There are different ways to earn more coins, but you’ll be given one each day completely for free! Spin the wheel every day, earn experience by playing the games you like and win always better and better rewards, and remember it’s totally free!


In “Gimmey” you’ll find a new button, linked to “Giftiz”, where you can keep track of your mission. Go look at it!

So.. This is it. Play Gimmey and earn rewards!


Link to Giftiz : HERE

Link to Gimmey : HERE

Link to previous article : HERE



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