Color DeStack – Beat the colors, beat the score


Another game is out! More simple, more casual, but still fun to play. Color DeStack idea is to create a sort of competition for the best score, I wanted the game to be difficult and the plays not too take too much time. It wasn’t really too hard to develop, but I wanted to try out some new features, like 2D world space animations and detecting touches on 3D objects and it was a success! Hope you enjoy it.




The gameplay is really simple. There are three buttons, one of each base color (RGB). In front of you will be stacking this random colored objects, tap the right button and the one on the bottom of the stack will disappear, then proceed with next one and so on.

There are two ways of losing. The first is letting the game stack too many cylinders (11 actually), the second is tapping the wrong button…. Yes it may happen, since the button will randomly change colors during the gameplay 😀

The higher your score gets, you will reach steps, with different spawning speeds and color change probability!

This is it! Here you can find the video to the trailer, the link to the new facebook page and ,of course, the link to the appstore!! I’ll leave some screenshots from the gameplay too. Have fun!




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